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INFO: Launch of the new front-end interface and the new API

Within the DARIAH Theme Project “DHCR Sustain - Improving Sustainability through Usabilityhttps://www.oeaw.ac.at/acdh/projects/dhcr-sustain/”, the usability of the DH Course Registry  was improved by adding a new responsive interface with support for mobile devices and a fresh design for a broader audience (e.g. students, lecturers, researchers). Moreover, additional filter and sorting functions were integrated. It is now possible to search for courses according to the languages they are presented in, whether they are held online or on campus, one-off workshops or recurring courses.


Another remarkable feature is the new sharing function, which makes it easy to share a pleasant presentation of your course featured in the DHCR via social media or e-mail.

A new API has been created as a backbone for the above website. It is also publicly accessible and provides various query scenarios, filters and enables research on historical data, which was not possible before. Therefore, data on DH teaching and training contained in the DHCR is now available as a resource for research.

Finally, various assets for dissemination, like logos, badges and postcards can be downloaded on the website.