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JOB: Digitaler Geisteswissenschaftler mit Schwerpunkt XML-Technologien (Vollzeit)

The Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH-OeAW) of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences, Austria?s leading non-university research
facility, is offering a position as a digital humanist experienced in
XML technologies (40hrs/week).

You will join an internationally networked team, pursuing research on
the border between information and communication technology and
humanities studies. Your work will be focused on the development of
TEI-XML-based workflows and web applications for several third-party
funded projects in the realm of digital lexicography and digital

Your responsibilities will comprise the development and application of
solutions for DH services, the design and management of online
applications with a focus on innovative user interface design as well
as preparing project data for long term archival with the ACDH?s
repository ARCHE. The areas you will work on are part of the
institute?s research agenda and should be documented by academic

You will be responsible for

* setting up and adapting XML-based workflows for the projects,
* designing and implementing APIs for XML-based digital resources,
* creating user-friendly frontends for exploring the data created in

We expect you to have

* a thorough knowledge of the XML stack (XPath, XQuery, XSLT, Schemas),
* some front-end development experience (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Ideally you have

* experience with XML databases (BaseX or eXist-db),
* already worked with the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative
and the ODD format,
* experience with OpenAPI or other API description formats,
* mastered one state-of-the-art Javascript front-end framework (e.g.

The employment will start earliest possible and initially run for 12
months with the option of prolongation.

In accordance with the collective agreement for employees of the
Austrian Academy of Sciences we offer an annual gross salary of ?

Please send your application (including CV, statement of motivation and
references of previous projects) by email to acdh@clutteroeaw.ac.at Austrian
Centre for Digital Humanities, Austrian Academy of Sciences,
Sonnenfelsgasse 19/8, 1010 Vienna). In case of questions, please
contact daniel.schopper@clutteroeaw.ac.at.

Mag. Daniel Schopper
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
Working Group Data, Resources and Standards

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Sonnenfelsgasse 19
1010 Vienna

T: +43 1 51581-2216
E: daniel.schopper@clutteroeaw.ac.at