Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lauer

Professor (Digital Humanities Lab)


Bernoullistrasse 30/32
4056 Basel


A Scholar who uses historical, experimental and computational methods to look at aesthetic behavior of humans.

Gerhard Lauer is professor for Digital Humanities and works at the Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel. A literary scholar by training, he focuses on new methods in the humanities, mainly computational and experimental methods to explore the human behaviour of story telling.


Gerhard Lauer is doing humanities with old and with new research questions, more than scholarly methods and in an open digital environment. Key aspects are:

  • digital editing and corpus building
  • computational and experimental analysis of literary texts
  • reading studies on children and youth literature

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Inaugural Lecture: "Über den Wert der exakten und der unexakten Wissenschaften"

1. May 2018, Museum of Natural History, Basel