Admission requirements

The requirement for admission to the DH PhD of the Digital Humanities Lab in Basel is a qualified dissertation project at the University of Basel, accompanied by a lecturer from the Digital Humanities Studies as first or second supervisor.

Admission is possible at any time and is subject to application (letter of motivation) and a short project outline (2-3 pages) to the attention of the board of directors, which examines and evaluates the documents.

For further information, please refer to the Rules of Procedure of the Doctorate in Phil-Hist Faculty:

Educational program

The Digital Humanities PhD at University of Basel accepts differentiated patterns and possible combinations with regard to the range of subjects. We encourage our candidates to get involved in colloquia, workshops, summer schools, junior conferences, lecture series, lecture series, research seminars and internships. 

The doctoral programme is designed to last at least 6 semesters, during which 12 credit points can be earned. 

                                                                    Courses & Events                                                                                                                                                                                          
Research Colloquium: Current developments in Digital Humanities           4-6                                

Courses recommended for the Digital Humanities doctorate or participation in conferencces, workshops, colloquia, etc. 

with own contribution or organisation of conferences, workshops, etc. 

or research-related internships.




Participation in transferable skill courses 

       max. 4