Student Association Digital Humanities


The Student Association (SA) promotes the exchange between students of the Digital Humanities Master's program and the professors, lecturers and staff of the DHLab. In addition, the SA represents the interests and demands of the students towards the professors, the faculty and the University of Basel.

Once a year the general assembly takes place at which the board of directors is elected. In 2019, it is expected to take place in the first week of FS 2019 and will also be the founding meeting.

What the SA does in addition to representing the concerns of the students is very open and usually depends heavily on the members of the board. This can be the organisation of events (barbecue evenings, fondue fun), visits to exciting companies and much more. The SA is intended to give interested and committed students the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the culture and the subject as well as to establish exciting contacts.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Then contact us at the following e-mail address: We would be happy to meet for a coffee and exchange ideas without obligation.

Best regards

Christian Weber

Provisional Representation of the SA Digital Humanities (Foundation FS 2019)