Student Association Digital Humanities (Fachgruppe)


The Student Association / Fachgruppe (FG) promotes the exchange between students of the Digital Humanities Master's program and the professors, lecturers and staff of the DHLab. In addition, the FG represents the interests and demands of the students towards the professors, the faculty and the University of Basel.

In addition to the regular general assembly once a year, we organize a few aperos, get-togethers with the DH Lab and other activities. If you are interested in Digital Humanities at the University of Basel, send us an e-mail ( so we can add you to our mailing list.

Do you have any questions or would you like to you our board/Vorstand? Contact us at the following e-mail address: We would be happy to meet for a coffee and exchange ideas without any obligation required from your end.

Best regards

Sophie ZimmermannEric Dubey, Ralph Machunze

Vorstand FG DH


Former members

Anna Diack (2020-2022)
Laura Citaku (2020-2022)
Anika Hünenberger (2019-2022 / co-president)
Christian Weber (2019-2022 / co-president)
Victoria Landau (2019-2022)
Tamara Ackermann (2019-2020 / co-president)
Caroline Huber (2019-2020)