The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) aims to enhance and support digitally-enabled research and teaching across the arts and humanities. DARIAH is a network of people, expertise, information, knowledge, content, methods, tools and technologies from its member countries. It preserves, provides access to and disseminates research that stems from these collaborations and ensures that best practices, methodological and technical standards are followed.



Cooperation initiative to connect universities PhD-Programs in Digital Humanities and to promote the exchange with advanced researches and cultural heritage insitutions.

Mining Goodreads

SNSF Digital Lives Project

Mining Goodreads

A text similarity‐based approach to measure reader absorption. Digital Humanities Lab, Universität Basel. Part of the SNSF Digital Lives Project.

knora salsah2

Knowledge Organization, Representation, and Annotation

Knora / SALSAH 2

Knora is an open, modular, extensible and extensible platform based on industry standards (RDF as data representation, SPARQL 1.1 and a RESTful web service API for access). SALSAH is now a generic user interface for Knora, but Knora's server components make it straightforward to create project-specific user interfaces with and application logic.

Main website for the Knora project KNORA.org


SNSF Digital Lives Project

WordWeb / IDEM

New way of representing the intertextuality in drama of the early modern period. Part of the SNSF Digital Lives Project. A flexible database structure makes a complex verbal network of thousands of references searchable. Previous SNSF-project Hamlet-Database

Goethe "Zur Farbenlehre"

The reception history of Goethe's "Zur Farbenlehre" in Berlin 1810–1832


The main of the project is to analyse the reception of Goethe’s 1810th work „Zur Farbenlehre“ (About the Theory of Colours) in Berlin in the first decades of the 19th century. Read more about the project here.


BEOL Bernoulli-Euler Online


The project Bernoulli-Euler Online (BEOL) integrates the two edition projects Basler Edition der Bernoulli-Briefwechsel (BEBB) and Leonhardi Euleri Opera Omnia (LEOO) into one digital platform available on the web. Read more about the Project here.

The Beta release of the platform is now Online: beol.dasch.swiss.

Archives on the Move

Visualization and mediation of the archive of the Kunsthalle Basel

Archives on the move

The project Archives on the move aims at developing an attractive environment to use and explore the digitized photo archives of Kunsthalle Basel. In cooperation, an expandable online platform is being realized. Read more about the project here.

Shared Reading

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Focus of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Geteiltes Lesen (Shared Reading)

Online literature reading and writing. Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel. Part of the SNSF Digital Lives Project. Read more about the project here.

Anton Webern

The critical-historical edition will be released in a hybrid print-online edition

Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe (AWG)

The edition includes not only all the works Webern himself had forwarded to be printed but also their unpublished variants. It also includes compositions that were never made public in his lifetime, works from his youth and student years, as well as fragments, sketches, arrangements and revisions of his and other scores.

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