Béatrice Gauvain
Assistant / PhD candidate
Béatrice Gauvain
Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät
Digital Humanities Lab

Assistant / PhD candidate

Spalenberg 65
4051 Basel



Béatrice Gauvain completed her Masters in Art History and Image Theory at the University of Basel, specializing in the mediality of sacred objects. She collaborated on the exhibition project “Das Basler Münster im Wandel” at the Museum Kleines Klingental and further pursued her interest in curation when joining the Kunstmuseum Winterthur in 2019. Working closely with the curators, she became aware of the challenges of transitioning collections into the digital space. As PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the Digital Humanities Lab, she focuses on digital collections, in particular knowledge management and curation.

Research areas

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Art History
  • Knowledge Management, Curation and Mediation
  • Democratization of Cultural Heritage Data




Genese eines digitalen Schaudepots – nachhaltige Daten und digitale Kuration

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