Prof. Dr. Moniek Kuijpers

Professor (Digital Humanities Lab)


Petersgraben 52/Spalenvorstadt 2
4051 Basel


Moniek Kuijpers is a literary scholar with a PhD in Empirical Literary Studies. She focuses her research on absorbing reading experiences and their effect on readers’ well-being. She is in charge of the training school program of the International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and is committed to teaching experimental and statistical methods to students of the Humanities, to further their understanding of the underlying processes and the potential effects of literary reading.


Moniek’s research interests are: narrative absorption during literary reading, bibliotherapy, (online) shared reading and well-being, story literacy, reading habits, and psychometrics. She is currently involved in several projects:

  • The SNF Digital Lives funded project “Mining Goodreads: A text-similarity approach to measure reader absorption”
  • Finding the eye-movement correlates of absorbed narrative reading
  • Personality traits and reading habits that predict absorbed narrative reading

SNF-Project: SHARD (Shared Reading in the Age of Digitalization)