Dr. Sepideh Alassi

Lecturer (Digital Humanities Lab)


Digital Humanities Lab
Bernoullistrasse 32
4056 Basel

Assistant / Postdoc (Digital Humanities Lab)


Spalenberg 65
4051 Basel


Dr. Sepideh Alassi is a postdoctoral research associate and a lecturer at the Digital Humanities Lab (DHLab) who has a background in computer science, mathematics, and history of science. She earned her PhD in 2020 in the field of digital humanities and has over 18 years of experience in software development using various programming languages (Scala, Python, Angular, C++, R, etc.). She is one of the main developers of Knora (recently renamed DSP-API), Switzerland's flagship RDF-based system for editing, storing, searching, and reusing humanities research data. Her main focus in the field of digital humanities is on applying linked open data (LOD) and semantic web technologies to humanities data creating a knowledge graph that can be efficiently analyzed and queried. Currently she teaches introduction to programming courses for the humanities (Python and R). Furthermore, she teaches and develops OCR-based text mining algorithms for analysis of unstructured textual data and recognition of named entities within a large textual corpus.  By developing powerful tools as part of an open-access virtual research environment, Sepideh Alassi works towards facilitating humanities research and introducing new research methods to study humanities data.