PD Dr. Berenike Herrmann

Lecturer (Fachbereich Deutsche Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft)


Deutsches Seminar
Nadelberg 4
4051 Basel


In her research, J. Berenike Herrmann focuses on the digital modeling of literary discourse and strives to understand the digital transformation of society and the Humanities. 

Berenike Herrmann is a postdoctoral research associate (“Oberassistentin”) at the DHLab at the University of Basel. A literary scholar as well as cognitive linguist and corpus linguist by training, her main focus is on data-driven modeling of literature and its implications in the Humanities. She is PI of the Basel SNF-Digital Lives Project Forschungslogiken in den texbasierten DH nach dem Machine Learning Turn, as well as Management Committee member of the COST Action Distant Reading for European Literary History and the current chair of the ADHO Special Interest Group "Digital Literary Stylistics".



Using a comparative perspective, J. Berenike Herrmann’s research applies qualitative and quantitative methods to different types of discourse. Her areas of interest include literary style, web 2.0 discourse, and epistemology of the digital humanities. Key aspects are:

  • computational analyses of style, with a focus on 19th and early 20th Century literature written in German
  • digital annotation and corpus building
  • valuation of literature by users of social reading platforms
  • emotion representation and elicitation in literary texts

To see her projects, please click here. Her personal webpage can be found here.

SNF-Project: "Forschungslogiken in den textbasierten Digital Humanities"